Benson Ouko

Benson Ouko  orphanages of kenya

Benson Ouko is 9 years old and he likes playing soccer. His favorite subject in school is math and his most difficult is Christian religion education. He would like to become a policeman. He is currently in Nursery class but will get caught up to his age group in these next few years. He and brother, John, are with us because their father murdered their mother. Although their grand parents were acting as guardians, they could barely feed Benson and John, let alone give consistent education and food. We know that they will flourish in our home and care. Their case was and is different. Although their father is alive as far as we know, he is serving a life sentence without hope of parole and these boys needed help. They and their grandparents are full of gratitude and now we are blessed to raise them to fear and love the Lord.



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