Raphael Shitava orphanages of kenya

Raphael Shitava is 5¬†years old and in Baby Class. He, his brother, Peter Odongo and his sister, Lavina are from the Luo tribe. An energetic child, Raphael likes to play with old tires and playing hide’n’seek with the others. Raphael is a victim of HIV and is positive for the virus. He receives daily medications for treatment. He is generally in good health as he has a good appetite and plays hard. After being with us for about ten days he said he was lonely for his two cows! So we “Moooo” for him regularly, and now he is very happy. Raphael was living in a desperate and remote area of western Kenya, near the town of Kakamega. He will do well in our extended family environment. Currently our youngest boy, he’s loved by all.