2016 Balloons Over Bend Fundraiser

We were so very grateful for everyone’s hard work and efforts these last several days leading to last nights event (July 22, 2016). Even more beautiful than the colorful lit balloons, was your display of love towards many guests in service of food and drink. The evening was flawless (the vanishing of cheesecake included) which evidenced God’s hand at work amidst our toil. The music, setting sun and countless smiles made the evening melt away quickly until final spectacle of illuminated polyester caused me to think, “the end is near”. But then, team work kicked into overdrive as chairs, tables, small appliances, food containers, sound equipment, and tent poles danced towards their origins with hands that had brief rest. This event was quite a success and we are happy to announce that it raised about $8600 clear of expenses for use to care for our orphans! A very big thank you to all who donated and have given us the ability to use these funds for greater purposes! May you be blessed abundantly. Efforts of fund raising totaled about $20,000 in the month of July. We are still receiving donations that will be used soon to make ready for adding more children and serving our present family better.


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