March 2022 Newsletter

The orphanage is located just southeast of Nairobi, and sits on a three and a half acre parcel of land on the Kenyan Savannah. It now sustains the well-being of 48 beautiful children. They are a very small part of an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Kenya alone, that exist due to war, malaria, and the AIDS epidemic. Life was a daily struggle for these children and now they live, learn, and love in a healthy stable place they call home.

Rightfully named “The Promised Land”, this orphanage is humble in appearance, and like the Promised Land of the Bible, this land is a blessing and gives hope of a better, brighter future for our orphans.

Our family at the orphanage have rallied around our newest family member, Eunice Nyaboke Nyasente.  Her mother and father have both died in the last year, leaving this 11 year old an orphan.  She now has the security of a place to live and loving adults and siblings to care for her.

A generous benefactor has donated a 10,000 litre water tank to be used to support agriculture efforts!  Any chance to “dress up” and celebrate is welcome at The Promised Land!

Yes, the children do grow up and need new school uniforms that fit!

While these children don’t have biological parents looking out for them, their sponsors literally are changing their lives by providing resources for school fees, uniforms, and test fees. Without these donations, the children may not be able to attend school.

Chelsea is our youngest child at the Promise Land.  Chelsea is a very active and joyful girl.  On her way to school she asks Papa Bonface for a her very own dolly. Pretty please??