Our Mission:

The primary mission of The Orphanages of Kenya is providing the orphaned, destitute, outcast, unloved, needy, sick, handicapped and/or dying children, with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, the highest level of education possible, and a hope for a bright future.

Orphanages of Kenya and the Children’s Plight

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Orphanages of Kenya has learned a startling statistic – that there are an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Kenya with almost half of them being orphaned due to AIDS. Within Kenya alone, 1000 people a day die from the disease. As the AIDS epidemic progresses, the number of deaths of parents increases and conversely, the number of orphans climbs higher. Many of these orphans have the virus. Whether they are born with it or contract it from their mothers milk is hard to determine but nonetheless, many have HIV and/or AIDS. These children are left to live with relatives who cannot always provide adequate care. When they become a burden to them, it leads to being left alone and fending for themselves. Often times the older are given the responsibility to raise the younger. Less fortunate orphans just live on the streets. Many of these orphans will end up banding together and attempt to make it to adulthood via the support of each other. The slums are a difficult place for anyone to live, let alone an orphaned child without a supportive family. Orphans are found sniffing glue to reduce their hunger pangs. They live in garbage mounds, searching for scraps and begging for money. Many orphaned children living on the streets become thieves and pick pockets. Girls as young as ten become prostitutes. A suburb of Nairobi, Githogoral, is dirty and dangerous to say the least. Open sewage runs freely, trash and debris clutter the road and the smell of burning trash and plastic, which provides fuel for cooking, fills the air. The fear of theft, burglary and physical danger is ever present. In 2007, ten children found refuge in our first and very small Orphanage inside the slums of Githogoral. Since that time, Orphanages of Kenya has grown to care for thirty-six children and has moved to a three and a half acre plot of land on the Kenyan Savannah where fresh air is abundant and healthy food, education and love can be found.

About Orphanages of Kenya

The compound about orphanages of kenya“The Promised Land”

Orphanages of Kenya is a small, non-profit Christian based organization of caring individuals who have a passion to fulfill a call to give care to needy children. There is no end to the needs represented in this part of the world. There is poverty and hunger beyond Western thought. Thousands upon thousands of innocent children affected by the diseases that have stripped them of their mothers and fathers, need support. Our mission is to rescue orphans of these circumstances and to ensure that they have a chance to survive in this world despite the neglect and the harsh conditions that they have faced. The orphanage provides the children with a warm and comfortable home. They are given clothes to wear, three meals a day, and are provided with caretakers who love them and most importantly, are given a solid Christian education. All the children at The Promised Land receive primary and secondary education. Once they have graduated from high school, they go on to start their vocational training or college education. Education is crucial to the children in becoming self-sufficient, ending the cycle of poverty, and brutality that affects the majority of Kenya. Orphanages of Kenya attempts to give these children the schooling and the Christian based faith they need to succeed.

family photo about orphanages of kenyaOur 36 Children.

Our Vision

arlan bonface about orphanages of kenyaOrphanages of Kenya has a vision: to rescue the most needy children and give them hope. After rescue, there is a provision of comfort and care. About 25% or our aging children have narrowed their future desires to wanting to become people of service. They want to become teachers, nurses, doctors or lawyers, and advocates for their destitue populace. We are seeing children who have been discipled in Christ wanting to disciple others. The loving welcome that they extend to each new child is extremely rewarding to observe. For those who complete their educational pursuits, it is our desire to assist them in finding a vocation in which they can continue to pursue their desires and have a means to provide for themselves upon reaching an age when they are able to enter society. Orphanges of Kenya is fully engaged in the Kenyan solution in attempting to reverse the cycle of destruction, despair, and death, by sustaining life, one child at a time. We are reversing the cycle by loving these children and providing them with care and stability so they can heal in all aspects, and attain mental, spiritual and physical health. We are reversing the cycle by educating them, and by teaching them skills which will allow them to one day support themselves and be active citizens of their country, and leaders of the change with a Christian foundation.