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A Christian Adoptive Father

Christian father and adopted children

Orphaned children need love too.

A  Christian Father’s Perspective

I am a Christian “Father” of three adopted children, ages, 13, 14 , & 15, and I also have a “Natural” born son who is now 24 years old. The adopted children are all related siblings from a family member of my now deceased wife. We have had them in our home almost 12.5 years and I am all they know and/or remember for a Dad. The adoption papers that I have, say that they are mine “even as though they were born to me” and I’ve never forgotten that since the day I first read that statement. As a Christian Father, I look at them as mine, know in my heart they are mine and that’s all they ever will be to me. They were much like our orphans at the orphanage were prior to them coming to The Promised Land; neglected, in poor health and for all practical purposes, orphans in their own right. God rescued them through my wife and I just like He has rescued the children in our orphanage and even just like he rescues each one of us from the deplorable condition of sin through Jesus Christ. That being said, just like my children rightfully call me “Dad” we as Christians also have the God given right to call Him, Father and even “Daddy” as that’s what “Abba” means when we cry “Abba Father”. Adopted Sons and Daughters is exactly what we are. Rescued from depravity, brought into His Kingdom and family, living as His children, and no longer orphans without a Father.

Christ Our Sufficiency

God the Father, His grace through Christ and our adoption as Sons and Daughters

Have you ever wondered why God’s wrath was poured out upon sin so often in the O.T., seemingly, totally intolerant and in the N.T., His grace towards sinners so much more abounds giving us “righteousness”? Read this excerpt from one of my study bibles. It’s an enlightening thought that you can set in your heart and mind, and the part I’d like to draw your attention to is, “Every instance…on the cross.” What an amazing God we serve.

1. God’s relation to people includes not only blessings but also warnings, threatening’s, and cursing’s. These are appropriate because of God’s righteous reaction to sin. They anticipate and point forward to Christ in two distinct ways. First, Christ is the Lamb of God, the sin-bearer (John 1:29; 1 Pet. 2:24). He was innocent of sin, but became sin for us and bore the curse of God on the cross (2 Cor. 5:21; Gal. 3:13). Every instance of the wrath of God against sin, and his punishments of sin, looks forward to the wrath that was poured out on Christ on the cross. Second, Christ at his second coming wars against sin and exterminates it. The second coming and the consummation are the time when the final judgment against sin is executed. All earlier judgments against sin anticipate the final judgment. Christ during his earthly life anticipated this final judgment when he cast out demons and when he denounced the sins of the religious leaders.

1. from ESV study notes

My point here is not only that Christ is our sufficiency, but that he has pointed us towards God the Father (whereby we cry, Abba Father or more rightfully so, Daddy). It is His grace through Christ that makes us His sons and daughters, which now overflows through us who once lived in the deplorable condition of sin, to the orphaned children we serve. They, who also lived in sin and life conditions that we cannot hardly comprehend, are brought to God the Father so that they can hold on to the idea that they are no longer orphans.adoption through christ Hopefully, I’ve made my case not only for the sufficiency of Christ Jesus but also that we are instruments of His grace that brings these children into His Kingdom, adopted as sons and daughters, and fully taking part in the family of God.

Prayer for Vision

Father in heaven, You are Sovereign! Lord, I offer a prayer for vision and this work that I know lines up with your will for us as Christians. We have vision and I believe it to be from You and the Word says that “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Since we have a vision,  I pray that Your Spirit would lead, guide and direct each person, no matter their involvement in what we are doing with this vision. From those who give their time, to those who give of their resources, give us all wisdom, patience, love and the grace to make this all happen and keep us and the work from perishing. When it seems like things aren’t going exactly the way we think they should, remind us that it is You who is in charge and “all things work together for the good to those who are called according to your purposes”.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen

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The FAQ page is now easily accessed through the Home and About Us pages to answer any questions that you may have concerning or more specifically, the organization of Orphanages of Kenya, such as, “Are my contributions tax deductible?” or “Will my sponsored child get to know me?“. Please visit the FAQ page by clicking here for more detailed information.

Prayerful Support

As you visit, ask yourself if you can even begin to comprehend the life that these children and thousands of others like them have had to endure. Most of us can’t, it’s unimaginable and disgusting to us to even think about. Most of us are ‘spoiled’ by western culture and haven’t a clue. I haven’t personally visited Africa though I have been in some of the poorest countries in the world and I’ve seen first hand what poverty is. I can’t in good conscience, live the blessed life I do without having a desire to help some of these children who have been orphaned by disease and war. Can you ask our Father in heaven to help you help these children? Maybe you’re a religious person, if so think about what true religion is. Before our God and Father, it is nothing more than taking care of the orphans and the widows in their affliction, keeping ourselves unstained from the world. Pray for the ability to help a child who has nothing when you have so much.

Thank you

Craig Roberts

Website Work – up and running!

It is with great excitement that I post this update to announce our totally revamped website, – thanks to Intelligent Designs for their work on this and we look forward to great things to be done through this endeavor. The website has evolved from a basic site to one with lots of good information and ability. From a former site developer’s perspective, there are many improvements that have taken place that hold a promising outcome of fulfilled ministry. Thanks also to Arlan & Cathy Mendell for their input in the re-working of the site.

Craig Roberts