A Christian Adoptive Father

Christian father and adopted children

Orphaned children need love too.

A  Christian Father’s Perspective

I am a Christian “Father” of three adopted children, ages, 13, 14 , & 15, and I also have a “Natural” born son who is now 24 years old. The adopted children are all related siblings from a family member of my now deceased wife. We have had them in our home almost 12.5 years and I am all they know and/or remember for a Dad. The adoption papers that I have, say that they are mine “even as though they were born to me” and I’ve never forgotten that since the day I first read that statement. As a Christian Father, I look at them as mine, know in my heart they are mine and that’s all they ever will be to me. They were much like our orphans at the orphanage were prior to them coming to The Promised Land; neglected, in poor health and for all practical purposes, orphans in their own right. God rescued them through my wife and I just like He has rescued the children in our orphanage and even just like he rescues each one of us from the deplorable condition of sin through Jesus Christ. That being said, just like my children rightfully call me “Dad” we as Christians also have the God given right to call Him, Father and even “Daddy” as that’s what “Abba” means when we cry “Abba Father”. Adopted Sons and Daughters is exactly what we are. Rescued from depravity, brought into His Kingdom and family, living as His children, and no longer orphans without a Father.

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