Prayerful Support

As you visit, ask yourself if you can even begin to comprehend the life that these children and thousands of others like them have had to endure. Most of us can’t, it’s unimaginable and disgusting to us to even think about. Most of us are ‘spoiled’ by western culture and haven’t a clue. I haven’t personally visited Africa though I have been in some of the poorest countries in the world and I’ve seen first hand what poverty is. I can’t in good conscience, live the blessed life I do without having a desire to help some of these children who have been orphaned by disease and war. Can you ask our Father in heaven to help you help these children? Maybe you’re a religious person, if so think about what true religion is. Before our God and Father, it is nothing more than taking care of the orphans and the widows in their affliction, keeping ourselves unstained from the world. Pray for the ability to help a child who has nothing when you have so much.

Thank you

Craig Roberts

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