Update from 2/10/15

It’s 11:21pm and it’s been another long day in paradise. We saw some pretty country today as we returned. Tea plantations, sugar cane and bananas. It was of course dark when we reached Nairobi so the kids did not get to see the big town. They were laying all over ea other like puppies.
At one point much earlier while driving I asked Bonface, what’s that horrid smell. He looked back and spoke to the children for a few minutes then answered that the last two we picked up had chiggers eating on their feet. It was a rancid smell and Bonface said we’d get medication for them in the morning. If I’d had more for breakfast, it would’ve probably come up! We opened windows which helped. But it pretty much lasted the next 9 hrs home. It was otherwise a normal trip with the usual flipped tractor trailers and a few autos to go with. We stopped about 4:45 to get some sodas, bread products and a pee break. They are now eating some Ugali before bed. Arlan

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