Moses Katalian

Moses Katalian orphanages of kenya

Moses Katalian is a 16 year old sociable youngster from the Masai tribe. He enjoys school, though he is in class 5, which puts him about three years behind in education. This is most likely attributed to the distance he used to be from his previous school, and the many hours he spent caring for livestock. Tall and thin like many of his tribe, he is taller than most in his class. His favorite color is green and loves to play soccer. His best subject at school is science, and though he currently struggles with English class, he will do fine as he tries very hard to engage everybody.

He and brother James are victims of HIV, because their parents died from AIDS, but do not carry the virus. Moses and James lost their parents at a very young age, and were being raised by their grandmother, two uncles, and an aunt. At the time of these children’s rescue most of their household looked to be in poor health. They were living in the bush lands near the Tanzanian border.


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