Walk For Water Success!

We are pleased to make some announcements to all who are involved in the serving of orphans.

First, we have exceeded our goal to travel to Kenya in November with $20,000 for the development of a well and related construction. Since April, we have talked about the need for our own water, elevated storage tank and piped delivery systems.  And since that time we have received donations of all amounts with a fundraiser to finalize the need of $20,000. The amount thus far that has been collected is $21,187.00!


Upcoming, we are doing a Christmas in October drive where we are collecting money to be used to give our children in Kenya a gift of personal use such as clothing from caring individuals here in the USA. Look for more details to come on this through our website or FaceBook.  We are very thankful for the funds given and yet to be collected that we will be able to carry those dollars and steward them for the water project and Christmas gifts, Nov.1 – Dec 14th. It is our great pleasure to represent you to the children of The Promise Land outside of Kitengela, Kenya. And again, on behalf of our board and children,

Thank you, Arlan

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