Christmas in October

Good news was received early this morning as my phone alerted me that a text had come in from The Promise Land. Well drilling equipment rolled onto the property and was setting up to begin boring for water. I wish I were there at this very moment to witness the sight. We have struggled for several years to bore a hole for our own water. God’s plan though has prevailed for this time and we are thankful to see this happening. We will arrive in time to assist in decision making of final meters to be drilled, what type of equipment to set for pumping, site of water tower and its height and so forth. With a rainy season upon us, it is good to see the equipment ready to find the water pocket awaiting our need.

We are finalizing our Christmas in October fundraising effort to benefit the children in The Promise Land. Most of our orphans are growing in stature and with that, all have been in need of new clothing and especially the newest of children added in the January – March trip last winter. Most of the children came to us with only what they were wearing. Our resident children shared what they had to supplement the immediate needs. As a result of the need, we made plans to give opportunity to those here on this side of the globe to participate in clothing the children. A tree looking close to those trees native to our land in southeast Kenya, was set up in our church lobby. Ornaments and gift tags with specific needs were placed in the sparse tree limbs. Over the month of October people stopped to see what was going on, pulled tags and made donations to our precious children. Each Sunday was a blessing to see people stop to see how they could help. We are pleased to report that we received an approximate total of $1100 which will be taken with us on Nov 1 and will be spent to make our children more comfortable in their home in The Promise Land. It will be our great joy to represent the many donors in shopping with the children as we purchase: shirts, skirts, pants, socks, shoes, coats, blankets, sheets, pillows, etc. we thank all of you who participated in this event and are extending the giving period online through the “donate” button. These final funds will be used for more generic needs to benefit our children such as plates, cups, cookware, buckets for showers, etc. and will be wired to us for spending while there through Dec. 14.

Thank you to:  sponsors, donors, supporters in prayer and deeds for this way in which we get to represent your giving. Thank you, Lord for moving on hearts to share in their abundance, with the less fortunate a world away.


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