Update Dec 2, 2015

Update on Arlan Mendell & Mark Hamrin in Nairobi, Kenya  –  On behalf of the Orphanages Of Kenya, we are thrilled to report that the fresh water well was drilled 574 feet with 60 gallons of water a minute. This was at a cost of $22,000 (raised from our Walk for Water in September 2015).  An additional $6,000 was needed to complete the setting of the pump, pipe, wiring, and diesel generator.  $4,000 had originally been set aside to build another dormitory.  This money, along with an additional $2,000 that came in  last week, will be used to complete this Phase 2!  For Phase 3, it is our hope and desire to now raise another $1,200 to be able to purchase a storage tank and provide a stable platform large enough to store water not only for the Orphanage daily needs and watering of gardens, but also to sell water to the water truck that makes weekly delivery to the community and provide water for widows in the community.

Please pray for physical strength for Arlan and Mark to complete the tasks that lay ahead; for opportunities to build relationships with those in need in the community; and for the funds to come in to compete phase 3 of the project.  They now have only three weeks remaining to complete this task!

Arlan, Bonface, and Mark took the orphans shopping for Christmas, with money donated from “Christmas in November” at GBC. Arlan mentioned that for many it was their first time to buy something they needed and wanted.

God is good!
Thank you for all the prayers and financial support

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